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DeMicoli & Associates is an established architectural, engineering, and interior design firm based in Malta.  The company has gained international recognition, with an established reputation for excellent architectural design and execution, having successfully completed prestigious projects in various locations besides Malta, including United Kingdom, Turkey, Sicily, Libya, Germany, Moscow, Bratislava, Sardinia, St Martin and the United States.


DeMicoli & Associates has an extensive portfolio that includes a diverse range of projects such as commercial, residential, and hospitality developments.  From large scale constructions to small-scale restorations, the firm’s portfolio showcases their versatility and expertise in the field of architecture.


One of the hallmarks of DeMicoli & Associates is their ability to balance good design with practical and financial considerations.  Their designs are known for their aesthetic appeal and functionality, while also being cost-effective.


The firm’s success can be attributed to their innovative and visionary approach to design, as well as their ability to find creative solutions to complex problems.  Their sound reputation as ones of Malta’s finest architectural and design companies is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver projects that meet and exceed their client’s expectations.

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