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DeMicoli and Associates were entrusted with the task of designing a brand-new office block for a young web development company in an up-and-coming commercial area in Qormi, Malta.

The design was laid out across 5 floors, 3 of which have a split level to minimise the transitioning between floors. A large skylight above a central staircase allows natural light to filter down to the ground floor entrance. The reception area is attractively housed within a vertical volume which spans the lower 3 floors and benefits from natural light from the North through the curtain wall glazed façade. The lighting design included long glowing LED tubes that were envisioned to emphasis the height of the volume and draw attention inwards from the road outside.

Flexibility was required for the spatial planning that would allow rooms to be adapted to the required size through the use of folding partitions and modular furniture. The palette of materials was kept clean and simple but with bright colour coded that encompassed the vibrancy of this young and innovative company.

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