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From its humble beginnings as a military barrack, the site has always held great importance due to its unique vantage point above the majestic, bastion walls of Valletta. In 2010, it was obtained by the Bank of Valletta to be used for the Chairman’s office.

Sympathetic to its location, the new building was re-orientated towards the city and a new public piazza was introduced. Nestled within a garden, the building steps back from the bastions and reveals impressive vistas for visitors that were previously hidden, whilst the integrity of the bastions were restored.

The massing was devised as a composition of volumes, complimenting the typical buildings found in Valletta. Traditional materials, such as limestone and timber were employed, echoing its historic surroundings, but implemented in new and innovative ways. The building, its surroundings and its interior spaces merge seamlessly into one, exhibiting an overall sense of uniformity and balance.

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