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Set in an idyllic location, surrounded by the Konopiste Lake, historical manor estates and the imposing Konopiste Castle, this concept for a residence development sets out to mirror these characteristics in the overall design. The proposal consisted of 44 uniquely designed villas, surround by three artificially created, stepped lakes. These create a parallel with the nearby lake and also serve as a focal point in the heart of the site. The result allows for the creation of an introverted development and brings the intimacy of the lake setting to the individual villas.

DeMicoli & Associates was inspired by a Czech style of architecture as Czech villages are traditionally located near lakes or rivers. Therefore, the project design consists of a classic Czech layout with a modern style of living – where each residential unit has a private garden with access to the lake to enjoy skating in winter and summer swims. Konopiste Residences are designed to be modern and functional with an undertone of traditional glamour and classical charm. The beautiful surroundings provide year-round outdoor activities enhancing the attractiveness of this project.

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