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Manouche craft bakery and bistro called for a design which re-created the feel and ambience of a classic French bistro. An elegant blend of rustic and art décor was implemented through the choice of materials, details and finishes.

The original space, skewed with an irregular column grid, presented constraints that were turned into design opportunities. Carefully combining services and lighting with spatial and operational design, nestled spaces were created in-between columns through fixed banquette seating and undulating bulkheads. These areas were treated with rich materials and cosy pendant lighting to provide the ideal setting for intimate gathering.

American walnut was used throughout for its shimmering vine and dark, chocolate-like colour. Maroon leather, brass, marble and beige tiles were added to enhance the intimacy and warmth. Walnut panels were milled, carved and vanished to resemble melted chocolate and echo the craft behind the food. Manouche blurs the boundaries between food and art, and so to the design strived to take their food as a material for artistic production.

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