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MIA VIP Lounge and Observation Deck


Malta International Airport wanted to refurbish its VIP lounge to offer passengers more space and an enhanced experience. Noting the column grid, we managed to come up with a harlequin-type grid that created interesting lighting management within the slots and an opportunity to neatly conceal the air conditioning system. At the same time a range of seating typologies were introduced along with good facilities to accommodate the various users. Seating areas were arranged along the glazing line to maximise the panoramic views available, whilst the reception, food and beverage service and toilet facilities were located further in.

Sound soaking materials helped improve the acoustics across the large floor plan. A rich material palette, planters and screening helps subdivide the space and provide users with a variety of spaces to choose from.

The newly designed observation deck, catered for aviation enthusiasts, provides users with a spectacular and unparalleled view over the runway. The custom, wing-shaped canopies provide vital yet beautiful shading over this area and emulates the experience of sitting beneath a tree.

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