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Palm City, located right at the waters edge and boasting 1.3 kilometres of coastline was developed into a waterfront residential village in response to a growing need for expatriate family accommodation in Libya. A family-orientated project, the key drivers of the project was to create a green, self-contained and secure development with ample space for recreation.

The units are varied according to different demands, ranging from high-end villas with pools to individual studio apartments for short term business visitors. The design avoided any pastiche elements of local architecture, but instead based the design on climatic elements to ensure adequate shading from the sun.

A total of 80% of the properties benefit from a view of the Balmy Sea and the cove by the sand beach provides an opportunity for water sports. The design included extensive landscaping and complimentary lighting design to further enhance the experience of these spaces. Much of the project’s success is owed to the creation of a communal piazza where the community can meet. There are also outdoor and indoor sports facilities, an indoor and outdoor pool, gym and spa and a restaurant on a private sandy beach.
Palm City, set the standard for expatriate accommodation throughout Libya, a cosmopolitan ‘home away from home.’

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