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The project entailed the redevelopment of the Ramla Bay resort, attractively positioned at Malta’s northern tip. Phase 1 involved replacing the 1960s timeshare apartment blocks, with 100 new apartments across seven levels, with new supporting amenities and services. The design called for a new and iconic architecture that would create an attractive landmark and the perfect coastal escape.
The architectural concept was strongly informed by the natural, surrounding context of the sea and rocky shoreline, giving way to an organic, dynamic, and curved formation that in turn obtained exceptional sea and countryside views to all apartments.

A striking atrium and indoor garden has created an evocative courtyard that enhances the users sensory experience of the shared spaces of the hotel. This feature will be repeated in the further extensions under Phase 2 of the project which will see the demolition of the existing hotel and construction of a new 400 room hotel and supporting facilities.

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