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Spinola Penthouse was our second commission for this client. Moving from a large villa in Madliena, to this smaller home in St Julians, set out a clear brief for the efficient use of all available space. The requirements were for a practical living space with flexible entertaining possibilities, maximising the connection to the south facing terrace overlooking Spinola Bay, along with a luxury master suite, two guest bedrooms and private study.

The design arrived at an open plan layout fronting the terrace, where the deep lintel over the terrace opening and the limited internal height posed the main design challenges. The ceiling design, also accommodating the air-conditioning, was crucial to achieve the right volumetric proportions of the spaces. The apertures, divided into equal parts, allows for various opening configurations for entertaining, from intimate dinner parties to larger scale, informal gatherings. The frame was inset into the floor, ceiling, and walls along with thin profiles ensured the views were maximised.

Throughout the apartment bespoke furniture has been meticulously designed with a rich and tactile material sculpting spaces to flow seamlessly.

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