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The client’s brief was to create a completely new image for Sun Lab with this Flagship store. What started out as an architectural project, slowly evolved into the development of a new brand identity, where the architecture itself would play an integral part to communicating this identity.

The site presented a design challenge as it was nestled between an internal road and the back of a 3rd party outlet. It was disconnected from the main pedestrian artery and was bordered on two sides with restricted pedestrian access. The reaction was to develop an architectural language which could respond positively to such restrictions and utilize them as strong and bold design constraints.

The building is a triptic of individual concrete ribbons whose form emerges from a dialogue between the surrounding environment and the specific internal spatial configurations required for the retail outlet. The manipulation and pleating of these folds transpose conceptually into the design of the furniture which fluidly extends to become the internal false ceiling, wrapping over the interior space whilst concealing all the building’s services within it.

The interior palette is meant to be simple yet provide warmth to the visitor. This is achieved through an abundance of natural light together with the choice of materials.

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