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Located at the centre of Malta, the design of the Quad towers offers Grade A professional, retail, and commercial offices spaces that are supported by a diverse and exciting range of retail and amenity outlets over 44,000 square metres.

An iconic landmark, the commanding towers vary from 13 to 19 storeys, complemented with spacious, landscaped outdoor areas. The interconnecting bridges have been carefully crafted over the central piazza to create a welcoming, human scale within this large development. Illuminated from underneath, these bridges help mould stunning, outdoor spaces that enhance the user experience.

The form and orientation of the towers and their terraces offer impressive views from all sides. The curved curtain wall glazing softens the edges and scale of the development and aided in moulding the inviting piazza.

DeMicoli and Associates worked closely with CeAS to develop an optimum structural system for the development. With an emphasis on implementing bioarchitecture concepts, the Quad towers are projected to achieve LEED Platinum Certification.

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