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The brief was to create a stimulating, corporate and fun place to work. This architectural concept was explored through a series of spatial nodes and elements – the break-out areas, the reception, and the café. Spaces are all themed and further used to sub-divide the office into smaller zones. The design introduced the concept of hot desking to maximised space utilization and improve efficiency.

The main driving concept for the Vodafone Malta greeting area was to have a clean and minimal space which allowed visitors to engage directly with the hardware. A series of glowing tubes display and attract visitors to the latest model of smart phone. The main focal point designed by Steve DeMicoli is the reception desk that features a 2.5 metre cantilever. Designed as a metamorphosis of the iconic Vodafone logo it symbolises Vodafone Malta’s dynamism and strive for innovation. In open areas where trajectory blends into space, walls morph into benches for places of rest and socialising.

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