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Wurth needed a new site for its offices, shop, and warehousing. The main requirements were to provide parking for staff and visitors, and a pick-up shop where clients are encouraged to browse through the shelves.

The building was designed as two double height warehouses linked by a system of ramps and passages. This enabled the adequate distribution of goods with all loading and unloading happening within the building and therefore eliminating inconvenience to neighbours or traffic flow.

The pick-up shop is designed with an open intermediate floor linked by a steel and glass staircase which allows light to filter into the spaces. The various office spaces which Wurth Malta had located across various buildings were amalgamated into one open plan area, together with spaces for seminars and demonstrations of equipment.

A solar calendar was designed at the entrance to enable visitors to experience the quantified solar reader. Constructed from laminated structural timber, it creates the necessary curves for the calendar whilst providing a welcoming environment. It was then finished in steel and aluminium cladding for a contrasting, clean look.

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