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Fort St Elmo is one of the most important military monuments of the Maltese Islands and the design intent was to transform it into a place of culture, information, and leisure.

The regeneration of the site required extensive discussion, research, and documentation, as well as consultation with key experts to arrive at the best solutions for the site’s rehabilitation. Over the course of these works, significant findings have revealed the layering of history and war technologies through time and evolution. Significant findings have included the foundations of a windmill which features in many historical etchings, graffiti dating to the 17th century, as well as the possible entryway to a buried sally port leading from the fort directly to the shores of the Grand Harbour.

Today, Fort St Elmo can be accessed and enjoyed by the public, with the Piazza D’Armi being used for a range of cultural events.

DeMicoli and Associates were awarded a diploma in Category A for the outstanding contribution to Maltese cultural heritage and to the achievement of architectural excellence in Malta.

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